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The healer, 2020

A3 on paper 300mg+

Mixte techniques

Cambodia , after two paintings done there related to the world wide situation,i decide to send my heart to the healer , the one who possibly can help us, not your familie docteur or the shaman of your forest but the healer inside ourself.

If this world is going mad for only reason, the mirror effect !

There is not such of think than thinking we are not part of wat happen to us living beings.

The way we eat:

Going to supermarket , loosing all connections to fruits, plants & nature , been unable to survive without the system given to us.

The way we handle each others:

Living far away of our family’s & ancestors, i dont speak about kilometers but about the connection to our history & also the connections to our neighbors, we may strike for a event at the other side of the world but we are unable to help a neighbor in difficulty.

The way we got manipulated:

Bad enough manipulation is all & everywhere,

We think we are free in certain a way, & this is already the first prison we will be at. Our brain prison.

Above the manipulation play on us all over the time by the dirigeants of this planet, we human have choose to manipulate also ourself.

How wars happen ? When peoples think they gonna loose or save something’s.

Men need men to fight’s. Ego of horror.

How can we believe things like we are more worthy than a other ?!

We choose our believe.

I could go on forever on that subject.

but in still of trying to heal the world i am just want to do heal myself.

The only good healer the world need is the one inside of each of us .

Please take time to create something in your way , understand the matter of all of us been part of something .

Help your neighbours and be more sustainable ! Support small bisness , farmer of your places , artist in all there genre ... heal

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