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Eye create

I love visuals, i m realy going mad on creating some univers around a personne & stopping the moment by a clic.


This is always a very exiting time for me, you may know this feeling.

 When you go get your favorite sweet’s on a rainy day, when you meet someone loved and missed or maybe when you go on travel after a long while of sedentary lifestyle .

 For me is like the first time i read a poem of Hafiz, when i did get my first tattoo or better when i travel to new delhi for the first date with the man i do share my life with now.

A real crazy mad excitement, the moment of a vision or a new concept and all wat goes with in it.


In all the years of travel i did experience, i learn about myself & learn how to fix my vision into the material world.


Real amazing things happen when my hubby & me  decide to get some place to settle sometimes ... I get a cosy lil atelier to poth all the tresors that i cumulate in those traveling years & i start to create again.

 Those past years as been a creative madness & i m so happy & grateful to share with you some of my work inspired by the beauty of the world, the goddesses & god  or the nature. 


All those costumes are create with a earth friendly heart, consciously up-cycled.

Hope you enjoy & get inspired to create always more.