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A free Spirit in an incarnate body. 

A body who became a canvas to express himself. 

Every path leads her to discover another layer of her purpose. 

A purpose who finds his pulse in all forms  as a creative expression. 

A pulse who came from the heart. 

A Heart connected to the Mystery of Life.

Mystery of Life, who keeps the seed of everything to create the all. 



Through traveling, she connected to ancestral wisdoms and religions from India, Tibet, Japon, Arabic, and  Egypte.

The goddesses are an inexhaustible source of inspiration whose archetypal power dances through many of these creations.


Nature is her teacher with the elements, Water, Earth, Fire & Air.

Plants like guide and guardian to lead her in deep ancestral knowledge and rituel who continue to live in our cells  despite a fracture with modernity. 


Fascinated with faraway Tribe her creations are a mix of technic. 

A balanced between words and energy. A cup full with madness, sweetness, and beauty.


She put in the center to make sustainable and conscious Art with raw material who already exist &/or ecological materials.

Re-Use to Reborn.

Empreintes Verena

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