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Madladys: behind the scene

i love visuals, i m realy going mad on creating some univers around a personne & stopping the moment by a clic.


This is always a very exiting time for me, you may know this feeling.

 When you go get your favorite sweet’s on a rainy day, when you meet someone loved and missed or maybe when you go on travel after a long while of sedentary lifestyle .

 For me is like the first time i read a poem of Hafiz, when i did get my first tattoo or better when i travel to new delhi for the first date with the man i do share my life with now.

A real crazy mad excitement, the moment of a vision or a new concept and all wat goes with in it.


In all the years of travel i did experience, i learn about myself & learn how to fix my vision into the material world.


Real amazing things happen when my hubby & me  decide to get some place to settle sometimes ... I get a cosy lil atelier to poth all the tresors that i cumulate in those traveling years & i start to create again.

 Those past years as been a creative madness & i m so happy & grateful to share with you some of my work inspired by the beauty of the world, the goddesses & god  or the nature.

All those costumes are create with a earth friendly heart, consciously up-cycled.

...... ...

Pacha-mama, 2021

There again no process pictures🙃 but promise i m gonna organise myself better guys! For the beauty Thikana i create a skirt made out recuperate bed coton that i dye by myself, the headpiece is the modified version of Bella Muerte, as i say i love upcycling, and i even upcycled my own work, hihi !


pin-up of the chaos

this time i create for nadine a costume mainly made out of plastic, sorry again no process pictures. I found in the street a full box of cables, the plastic of the skirt where attach to the capet textile (see down the carpetladys), as i cant trow so many plastic i did keep it and i

use it for this project. Cable braw and head plus plastic skirt and 2ndhand shoes also pimped to beautifulness.


Carpetladys, 2021

Upcycled carpet pieces , found in the street ☺️ 10kilo of samples old textile for chairs! a real tresors to me, hihi,

you can see there process and final work, for this visual my amazing friend maud, photographer play the model with me and we exchange the camera one at the time.


Bella muerte, 2020

there again no process picture , but i made this with a full upcycled based , wel the flower i did both that time, after this i decide to always hunt 2nd hand shop for my flower, as i dont want to be part of more plastic fabrication, ad i say you need to make a mistake ones to understand wat you want or not.

stay a stunning mouthpiece and headpiece for the incredible jess and that visual week end. As we did two days of shoot , one for this styling and one for the goldess.


The goldess, 2020

Create on a upcycled base , plastic and wood , upcycled flowers , upcyled wood hand that i collect many years ago in my old job as saler. Bracelet and tiare (headpiece) for the beautiful jess visual day .

sorry that i forgot to make progress picture of that elements ,sometime i get to exoted and forget about process pictures


Samurai headpiece ,2019

Create as you can see with upcycled everything, skate helmet, straw i found in garbadge, toilette rolls 🙃


Spiky pirate and a 1000dreams, 2019

Create out of needles and love.

Used for visuals and lresented to my buddy Yonah Krank to decorate his incredible tattoo-shop pTotal carnage in Ghent, Belgium.


Glass pearls cat, 2019

my first project after many years

i had a fue old cat masks so i decide to start there ... with many glass beats that i bring back from a travel in india ... this glass beats i recuperate of a broken glass coton of a leaving travel budy ! Let say that the all of that project is full up-cycled .

And want i couldnt stop after the mask i also made the shoes & sun glasses , hehe 🤪


to be continued ...


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