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I started painting & drawing when I started travelling around the globe, almost 10 years ago.

So many emotions & visions,

impossible to translate into words. 

A new way emerged with expressing myself through painting.


I never learnt art, so I’m used to enjoy

anything that triggers my creativity.

I just go with the flow, using any types of techniques. 


I share below my Art from the last passed 7 years.

Diverse visions, complex & multidimensional, mirror of how I see the world. 


Most of those paintings are available for sales.

You can always write to me for info about original, customs & prints availability.

I take care for high quality paper on all the prints.

Thank you for watching and for all the support already gotten for my art & for the trust on custom work.

Fractal of life,2021

Water color on paper

. Fractal of life

We are fire ,wind , earth And water .

Notice , sense , feel and be it my dear .

The elements around us are reflection of our inner truth.

A fractal of elements ,

A fractal of life ,

A flower statement, a mandala .

A univers inside the univers himself .

Connected one to another we are strong .

But Well connected with the nature givers ,

We become Divinity’s,

Creators .

There isn’t chimera to begetters ,

Only dreams ,

holy grails ,

Majesty of genesis ,

Love .

So be my dear ,

Be the equation of the elements love,

Reconnected to the core of your essence.

Be thankful for the framework that is yours

And become one with the heavens.

B.b daikini


Medicine-Men ,2021


Water color paint and mix techniques , A3


Portrait on commission for mister Alessandro . Such a blessing to channel a shaman portrait.


The totem of Matteo,2021


Water color , A2 Doodle / painting/ collage of the paintings

Work on commission for a baby room


Marichi , 2021

Water color on paper , A2

The full painting is the Part2 of a dubble A2



(from Sanskrit “ray of light”)

is the Goddess of the Dawn, who is revered in the Buddhist tradition as a heavenly warrior and powerful protector. Her name in Tibetan is Oser Chenma, which means “Goddess of the Great Light.”


Portrait inspired by my beautiful friend Eugenia Delphine


When the world turn into a prison... 2020

dubble A3 , original available

When the world turn into a prison only the core of spirit is freedom.

b.b daikini

i guess for this one i will not have to explain anything more

prints available on request , contact me directly or by email

be part of he-art


soul flower,2020

A3, original available

No one should forget to keep a eye on the flowers growing in their souls ...

b.b daikini

prints available on request , contact me directly, 50 per piece

be part of my he-art


Drowning in there shadow eyes, 2020

A3 , orgininal

Awaking is my master concern in this time ,

Believing of the 3th eye chakra ,

i hope for you less tv and more reading

less sugar and more water

less city life and more nature

I hope for you the best of awaking

Run into the light today and the shadow time would be even more appreciable

watercolor and more

prints available on request

be part of my he-art


Wake up ,2020

A3 original available

Wake up ,

choose your wapen ,

Ability’s are within you

water color and other techniques

be part of my he-art


dance, 2017

A1, sold out

i love to dance , i love all the feeling i get from it , and it can be a physical dance or one more of the core , inside yourself .

when you feel at the right place at the right time . It was in cambodia , me and mike had a break in between country’s, it was only beach , food , painting and love that matters in that moment ...

and my soul did dance on they’re cambodian traditional music ...

i offer this painting to incredible souls , who i have share a short but importante changing moment of my life ... of our lifes .


Fridoutcha, 2017

A4, sold out

i made her portrait when traveling in malaisia , a strange place to me , first time i feld in danger to be woman somewhere ... i spend my entire stay with my friend painting at our guesthouse as we couldnt go out without getting annoyed by men.

probably why this strong woman knoked at my soul door... Frida khalo , a mexican woman and artist i enjoy the art and life stories

i always admire people who as leave fully they life , been awake , aware And part of a change on there travel in this dimension .


Jelly of life, 2018


Made in australia on different places , in a country where most of the beautifull beaches are not allowed to swim if you like to stay a life . I love water and all wat leave in , there i had the feeling that nature decide to be dangerous enoght to protect himself , the blue jelly , the one deathly bite .


kaliga, 2017

A4 available

i create this cuttie in europe , germany , in beetween my travels ,i coudnt tell you wat was in my mind but i am surely a kali follower , i respect alot indian culture and there ideas , the way they believe and how they explain peoples stories


Noraly, 2016/2017

A4, sold out

This is a portrait i create from my dear friend Noraly , a beautiful soul need i

a pretty painting , start a sketch on paper in india pushkar as we meet after long time in a other country , this sketch as been added to a background paint with water color and offer to that same beauty and as been presented to the dear noraly.


the sound of nature , 2016

A5 available

A drawing done in thailande too , nature always inspire me so much , as you know maybe , i am a tatoo artist , practicing the art of handpoking and i love dotwork , the art of dot .

do you ear ? Is the sound of nature


My lady, 2016

A1 art galerie

a painting you can find in PAI , Thailande at the art galerie

exposed for fue years already

it as been such a joy to start that kind of first big piece

to continue ...


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