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Tattoo studio & colleagues

Want i am the lucky lady working with two amazing buddy , Mike freak-mike my hubby & Favorite human in this planet & Manu our incredible colleague and friend. Both AMAZING artists.

Here the link of my tattoo page and our atelier 2ndfloor:


i present you first my partner in life as at work , the best heArt Mister Mike aka Mikefreak-mike.

he work at first by hand & did change quickly for machine , his

work is very strong , he mastered beautifull big pieces with inccreddible black work project , layers of colors, figurative and geometrical patterns ...

for more see facebook at mike freak-mike

or instagram see link up at


Here i presente you Manu Ehmig aka voidbiov , a inccredible dude , tatouing for around 8 years , tatouing the most amazing dotwork patterns, figurative & blackwork by machine , a very precise hand and super human being as well.

He mastered differents techniques and create alot of different art...

Find him on instagram on the link & find hihs personnal page on the bio.



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