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Blessed by other artists

I am grateful to all the artists that inpired me or that i ever inspired & in particulary the ones in this blog, the idea of sharing those portraits of me done by others came when the first artist, that i will presente you here, made me the incredible pleasure of drawing me, i fell very honor by every drawings/paintings or sketchs ever made of me ... thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With all my love ,


This one touch me alot, coming from my amazing friend & sister the beautifull Maud Mood.

To shy to share her art yet , she anyway present me that beautifull piece.

How beautifull do i look true the eye of my lady sister and all the artist present on this page.

Thank you my dear Maud , i love you till the end of the world.

2022, gold and silver on paper , techniques mixtes


From a witch to a witch a witch.

Audrey wel known as Didikotani is a beautiful french artist leaving in Valence , apprentice in tatouage but a master in illustration, she draw from as far as she remembers.

Mélancolique & engaged, her art reflect her soul.

i feel blessed to have been draw by my witch sister, thank u amour.

Find her incredible art & soul with that direct link:

Didikotani, 2021

A4 , pencil on paper


I will make you discover a total different artist & style ! Kevin Vanhess is a beautifull dark soul , born begin 80‘s in Bree , belgium ,specialized in dark art , oil painter . I feel honor to be part of his models and cant wait to do more for him ,

thank you for having this type of magic and share it with the world .

find more amazingness directly on this link :

Kevin vanhees, 2020

50x50 cm oil on canvas 🙏

Fue days ago it was my birthday, and for this occasion i get a amazing portrait Of me & mala my lady baby 🐱 ❤️ done by hubby , my love Mister Mike aka mike freak-mike , born in south germany in 1987 ,portrait are not his speciality but he rock it , tattoo artist and specialist in black work , abstract , geometric and figurative art . His tattoo as his painting are mindblowing.

thank you for all the love and support over the years and thk you for the best bday present my best 💚

he is surely a master in his speciality , descover more of that inccreddible artist at


mike freak-mike



A very special artist to me again today , she is french , born in belfort in 1962 , she is a designer working especially with airbrush and or traditionnaly but on all the support ..

A pleasure to presente you my 2nd mom , Mme Catherine Blessemaille aka Cat 💜💙🖤

so happy to have such a creative family. Thank you for that inccreddible portrait of me done with airbrush ! Love u find more of her art at :

2020,L’usine by cat


A very special one today , he is french , born in paris in 1971 , he is a tattoo artist and painter too ,specialist in realism & deverse others styles . this men i have meet for sur , jeff hummel , is my dad , i will say my seconde dad , want i am a lucky girl , i have the chance to have , 2 moms and 2 dads as both my parents separated when i was young found they're big love later on ... 💙🖤💜 thank you jeff for this amazing portrait of me , feel very proud to be part of your family .


Jeff Hummel


the third portrait i have the pleasure to presente you has been done by Ode.s, she is french born in 1988 , she is a tatoo artist & painter . We didnt get the chance to meet yet but we follow each others art on the social media , a very talented lady that you will enjoy to discover💜💜💜 on facebook at Ode ekt or on insta at




The seconde portrait of that blog i have been presented several years ago by a amazing artist , julien irailles aka elmi_te , born in france in 1996 we have meet in south of france for a handpoke tattoo session , a tattoo i gave him from his own drawing ... a super project, very nice session who as result by a amazing present, two paintings , one in his art , fulgurante black & white abstract piece and one portrait with that same abstract hand ! 💙💙💙go visite his instagram @elmi_te and see more graf and art .

jullien irailles, 2015


She blow my mind with her talent en her amazing personnality, we meet in the island of koh-rong in Cambodia this year .

Karolina Paceviciute aka Maiko L.S.A is born in Lithuania in 1991 , she is currently base in spain and represente visionnary art ... she is also can make you dance ❤️❤️❤️i please you to make a clic on your computers &/or tablettes and enjoy all of maiko at

Daikini,2020 ,

Maiko L.s.a

To be continue ...


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